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In the vast expanse of the cosmos, in the dark reaches of deep space, lies SOL451—a mysterious solar system long obscured by an impenetrable debris field that has defied human exploration for centuries. However, as humanity's technological prowess evolved, a breakthrough finally allowed them to traverse the once impassable debris field.


Upon emerging into the heart of SOL451, explorers were met with an astonishing sight—an eerie and desolate planet, shrouded in the remnants of an ancient civilization. Strewn across the barren landscape were remnants of advanced technology far surpassing anything known to humanity. Intricate structures and enigmatic devices hinted at a level of sophistication that surpassed their wildest imaginations.


Yet, amidst the silence and emptiness, the planet showed no signs of devastation. A peculiar harmony existed between the remnants of this advanced civilization and the planet itself, leaving researchers puzzled. The absence of decay and the untouched state of the environment fueled a haunting hypothesis—that the inhabitants of this once-thriving world had departed abruptly, leaving behind a legacy of technological marvels.


As humanity delves deeper into the mysteries of SOL451, the enigma of the abandoned planet becomes an alluring challenge, beckoning explorers to uncover the truth behind the vanished civilization and the secrets concealed within the remnants of their advanced technology.



Stellar Defense Solutions

Stellar Defense Solutions (SDS), once a small Earth-based military company, rose to power by exploiting global instability. Transitioning to space, SDS secured government contracts for protecting vital infrastructure and mining operations, becoming the premier private military corporation. Ruthlessly exploiting celestial resources, SDS enforces a monopoly with its powerful military, leaving environmental devastation in its wake.

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